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How Can I Properly Perform BBQ Grill Cleaning?

BBQ favorites, lip-smacking dishes, wine & lot more – the gathering has all gala elements to bedeck an event. However, the troubles come tumbling whenever the cleaning part comes over.

As cleaning the BBQ takes minimal time, you don’t have to laden yourself with a series of activities. You should engage in this activity for health and safety reasons, after every meal preparation.

For those who think BBQ grill cleaning can’t be ‘enticing’, they’re mistaken. Once you get hold of smart tools & effective techniques, this task leaves you satisfied. Here are some tips to perform a proper cleaning.

•  Clean the BBQ when it’s warm, especially because it helps in quick debris removal (food particles, etc.).

•  You can use a high-quality stainless steel brush or a premium BBQ grate cleaner for the job. Ergonomically designed cleaners help you accomplish the task more easily.

•  Use a scraper tool for burnt food stuck on the BBQ. Tip: - Safe tools help you scrape the burned-on food without hurting yourself.

•  Bring on a damp rag or cloth for wiping the racks and grates. Ensure no bristles or wire-bristles are left. But, if you’re using a BBQ cleaner with wipes, you won’t need any extra effort.

• If you have bare cast iron BBQ, then you should check for rust. It’d be unhealthy to cook on a rusted BBQ. Hence, you must conduct a regular inspection.

• Don’t let grease build-up over a period, making it stubborn for removal. In case, it happens, you will need to soak those parts in a mixture of hot water and dish soap.

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