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How To Cook Kebabs Using BBQ Skewers – A Quick Step-by-Step Guide

This quick guide serves you Kebab cooking tips for a savory delight.

Skewering is the best technique to prepare kebabs with tender perfection. You can use veggies, tofu, and meat to prepare authentic-styled kebabs. If you’re throwing a party, you can use tri-tip cuts of beef (dark meat) for a longer cooking period. However, boneless chicken breasts and thighs serve right for quicker kebab-making needs.

While making leaner chicken breasts or full-flavored & juicy thighs, you need appropriate BBQ skewers to thread the meat & veggies. We recommend softer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, peppers, etc. that take the same time as the white meat for cooking. But, if you’re interested in adding potatoes, you should partially cook them beforehand. While putting those veggies onto the skewers, make sure you provide proper spacing for the heat to penetrate & cook evenly.

Though some users prefer bamboo skewers for BBQ grilling, they aren’t ideal for all time. You need to soak them in the water for about 30-60 minutes before grilling. This is crucial so that they don’t burn while cooking. On the other hand, you can use metal BBQ skewers with proper design to use on the grill while turning & cooking. Also, you’ll feel comfortable while turning them using a pair of tongs.

  • Use a proper BBQ lighter for lighting up the grill. Start grilling after proper marination and seasoning on the direct side of the grill. Turn them when they look slightly charred. Keep doing it till you get all of the sides seared over the time.


  • Bring them to the indirect side of the grill for extra cooking (10-12 minutes for chicken, 8-10 minutes for beef).


  • Wait for a little after you remove the kebabs from the grill. Slightly later, serve the kebabs with a wonderful plating to enjoy a perfect summer meal.
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